Respite Trips

Every year Ski 4 Cancer is able to offer a number of alpine-based respite days and holidays, enabling people to break away from their everyday lives and spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Given the growing body of evidence that altitude has a positive effect on cancer incidence, Ski 4 Cancer believes passionately in the value of alpine respite for people recovering from cancer. As a result, we offer a range of alpine respite breaks for cancer patients and their immediate families.

Due to funding constraints, we are strictly limited on the number of these days/holidays we can provide every year. Although our respite programmes are heavily subsidised, our beneficiaries should be prepared to pay something towards the cost. Our holidays are suitable for all ages.

Unlike our day trips, our holidays are a one-off opportunity.

Please note: we are already heavily subscribed for 2017 holidays. If you choose this option on the application form you will be placed on a waiting list. Medical permissions are always sought before sending people on any form of respite experience.

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