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Coronavirus: Respite Programme Changes

Due to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak the charity’s office in Southwick (West Sussex), will now be closed until 31 May 2020.  We will review this situation again on 1 June in line with the latest advice from HM Government.

All Ski 4 Cancer respite trips (both days out and holidays) are now postponed until 31 May 2020 as well.  If you have a day trip or holiday booked and want to talk to us about postponing it to later in the year, please email

Similarly, all fundraising events for summer 2020 are postponed until further notice.

Please note that our main office phone number is not being monitored currently, so please DO NOT leave a message on this number.  Please direct any enquiries to the email address detailed above.

In these challenging and uncertain times, we would like to thank you for your understanding and support.

With best wishes to you and your family,

The Ski 4 Cancer Team