Operations Team

Operations Team

David Smith
General Manager

David joined the charity in May 2018, bringing with him extensive experience in the Third Sector. With a background in organisational management and fundraising, David manages the day-to-day operations of the charity. His areas of responsibility include Finance, Fundraising and Respite Operations. David manages the charity's key functions, thereby enabling us to help 700 people affected by cancer every year.

Pam Mitchell
Family Liaison

Pam joined the charity in July 2018, bringing with her extensive experience in management and governance in the Third Sector after working for a number of local and national charities. Pam is currently responsible for managing the charity’s sailing programme and is based at our Brighton office.

Oliver Thurlow

Oliver Thurlow is a Phd research student based at the University of Brighton. Oliver's role is to help the charity better understand the impact of its various respite programmes from a physiological and psychological perspective.

Significant Contributors:

  • Jon Fuller - Web Design & Management
  • Ian Gill - Legal / Trademark
  • Marina Johnson - PR
  • Phill Appleton - Brand/Design

Trustee Team

Graham Precey (Chair of Trustees)

Graham is a community engineer and social entrepreneur. With an award winning track record, Graham has invested over £25M in joint ventures which are engineered for social impact. Until recently, Graham headed up Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at FTSE 50 company (Legal & General Group). He is the Co-Founder of the Newhaven Regeneration Group and a Board member of the Foundation for Social Improvement, Social Investment Fund SE-Assist and Sussex Coastal Community Team. Graham is a keen sailor, cyclist and canoeist.

Pete Tyler (Trustee)

Pete has been a senior member of the UK travel industry for over 30 years. Pete has held a variety of senior roles at Thomas Cook and is the former Managing Director of Neilson Active Holidays (one of the charity's longest standing respite partners). Pete helps the charity to source the best commercial deals available with a wide range of travel providers. Pete is a very keen sailor and splits his time between the UK and Ireland where he has a second home.

Dr Rachel Melsom (Trustee)

Rachel is a practicing Doctor and a Director of Tobacco Free Portfolios for the UK/Europe. Rachel's aim is to improve healthcare practitioners' understanding of the financial implications of the delivery of excellent clinical care. Tobacco Free Portfolios focuses on the medical and societal cost of continued investment in the Tobacco Industry, addressing the effect of the product and the wider cost of smoking to society, encouraging Tobacco Free Investment.

Chris Stone (Trustee)

A CIMA qualified accountant, Chris has held a variety of senior financial positions with a range of travel companies including Island Cruises and Virgin Holidays. He currently looks after Finance for a large utility company. Chris lives with his wife and son in Shoreham, West Sussex.

Andrew Wilkinson (Trustee)

Andrew is a commercial lawyer by professional who helps the charity in various areas from partnerships to fundraising agreements. Andrew is a keen sailor and is originally from Melbourne in Australia.

Andy Hayward (Trustee)

After losing his dad to cancer, Andy decided to channel his grief into something positive. He has been raising funds to help other families affected by cancer ever since. Andy helps with fundraising, marketing and event management. A former competitive swimmer, Andy is also a keen cyclist and dinghy sailor (although not a very good one!)

With thanks to past Trustees:

  • Tim Couldrick
  • Hannah Davies
  • Matt Collins
  • David Gill
  • Tom Semple
  • Glenda Shiner
  • Richard Groome
  • Kim van Niekerk
  • Hamish Oliphant

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