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Strattera discount card at all retailers until December 29th Discounts are available now at all of these retail locations: Best Buy locations nationwide: Hollywood has long been the domain of movie star. There's no denying it. But over the past few decades, that has started to change with the explosion of TV shows and movies centered on female protagonists — an evolution that has allowed for more diverse creators and interesting stories to be told. But as Hollywood continues to move in this direction, there are still many people who don't see a need for diverse casts or stories. On The Red Pill, we talk to a handful of the more vocal opponents this trend — and also look behind the curtain, as if on cue, to find out how some people, mostly men, get so worked up about it. The interview takes place just before the Red Pill podcast premiere. Click here to listen. The latest in a string of cyberattacks on the U.S. is a "classic spear phishing" campaign, an attack the government says was work of Russian hackers, a federal official said. FBI Director James Comey said yesterday that there was no "specific information about [a] specific nation state target" involved in a wave of attacks against organizations including the Democratic National Committee. Speaking at a cyber security conference in Maryland, Comey dismissed allegations Russia was behind the attacks. "We don't have any reason to believe yet, that these are part of some nefarious plot to undermine our election process or democracy in the United States," Comey told journalists. "We have not had direct Strattera 10mg $77.05 - $0.64 Per pill contacts with the Russians but certainly have heard their concerns." U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Vladimir Putin's government is behind the cyber attacks on Democratic National Committee (DNC) after a cyberattack last year aimed at embarrassing rival Hillary Clinton. A second cyber-attack on the DNC has been blamed on Russia. But the Obama administration has so far refrained from publicly blaming Moscow for the DNC cyber attack, saying it can only be inferred by intelligence agencies. Comey said it was not possible so far to identify a motive behind the attack on DNC and would be a "fairly large question." But he added it was consistent with "traditional Russian tactics." Comey said it was a "classic spear phishing" campaign, in which an email is sent to a high-profile address where person believes the contents will be sent only to a friend or colleague. "It looks for a way to get inside by getting the password," he said. Russian hacking group 'Guccifer 2.0' claimed responsibility for a spate of recent attacks on U.S. political targets. The group had denied responsibility for last week's cyber-attacks on the DNC. (Google via AP) FBI Cyber Division officials, working with their foreign and domestic counterparts, have been working to determine if the suspected DNC attack is linked to discount program for strattera other attacks on the White House, State Department and other organizations. Comey said the agency is examining source of email sent to and from one Democratic Party employee. He said those attacks could also be the work of a "lone wolf hacker." He also said the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Government Ethics were examining whether the U.S. government was harmed by the alleged cyber attack on DNC and the itself. Comey said investigations into suspected breaches of the State Department and White House networks, as well attempts to hack White House computers last year and into the White House State Department computers a year ago, were ongoing, but the department declined to give details. While the agency's cyber division will take the lead in probes, its office of intelligence and analysis will provide "all necessary resources" for the investigations, he said.

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