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Wellness hotel in Hinterglemm

If you’re planning to join us in Saalbach Hinterglemm for the Ski 4 Cancer Challenge this March, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay!  Here are our recommendations for the main main areas of the Ski Circus. We have been visiting this area for many years so we can speak with confidence about the various accommodation options on offer throughout the resort.  Don’t be afraid of organising your own ‘package’. Booking your own flights often guarantees longer in resort.  Similarly, you might want to consider driving to Austria!  It’s closer than you might think!

Book Direct

Rosentalerhof Hotel & Appartements:

Our favourite place to stay in Hinterglemm, the Rosentalerhof offers a wide range of accommodation from basic hotel rooms to plush alpine style apartments for families and groups of up to seven people. It is also in a great location, being just a few metres from the Bergfriedbahn lift and Hinterglemm’s resort centre. There is free and ample parking (rare for Hinterglemm) and free Wi-Fi throughout.

Find out more at https://www.rosentalerhof.at

Hotel Alpine Palace:

Located next to the Reiterkogel gondola and 100m from the resort centre, this property comprises of the recently built Alpine Palace and the original Haus Wolf which houses standard rooms.  Guests have a great choice of facilities including a wellness area and an excellent restaurant.

Find out more at https:www.hotel-alpine-palace.com

Package Deals with Neilson

Neilson has been a long time supporter of Ski 4 Cancer. What is more, they have package deals to some of the best properties in Saalbach.  Neilson fly from five UK airports into Salzburg. The price includes flights, transfers and accommodation.

Hotel Sonne:

Situated on the outskirts of Saalbach (800m from the resort centre), this family-run hotel offers an excellent standard of accommodation at great prices. Completely refurbished in 2010, the hotel also has an excellent wellness area and indoor pool. Seven nights ‘full-board’ with Neilson starts at £750pp including flights and transfers.

Hotel Panther:

The recently refurbished Hotel Central provides a budget option right in the centre of Saalbach. The hotel is just a two minute walk from the ski school and the Schattberg Express gondola is just 200m away. Seven nights B&B start at £350pp with Neilson including flights and transfers.

Find out more about Neilson’s packages at:

Winter holidays in Austria!

Austria offers unsurpassed skiing and snowboarding opportunities. From family-friendly resorts to a foodie scene that stretches from valley to mountain top, Austria also represents superb value for money! Find out more about Austria’s genuine culture of hospitality at http://www.austria.info/uk