Family Stories

Family Stories

Feedback from families we have helped...

Our Holiday In The Mountains Was Exactly What We Needed

"Matt's mum died this year quite suddenly and it hit the family very hard.  What made this really hard was that Matt's didn’t tell anyone that she was ill and refused treatment.  She collapsed a week before she died and that was when everyone found out.  Very sad indeed. Our holiday in the mountains was exactly what we needed. The ... Read more >

Hillary Beneficiary

The Holiday Ignited A Spark In Me!

"I went skiing this year!!!! It's amazing how a year can change everything. I can't say that I was very confident (afraid of falling over, off a lift or a drag, going too fast, other skiers) but at least I tried! Last year I could barely get up and I never thought I would get better but this year I ... Read more >

Maria Patient

A Huge And Heartfelt Thank You

"Firstly a huge and heartfelt thank you not only for giving Sam the opportunity to go skiing, but also for giving us the opportunity to support future trips via his sponsored ski race. The joy we saw on Sam's face as he told us about Morzine, the amazing photos he took and the enthusiasm with which he described his week ... Read more >

Pippa Mother

Philly’s Bucket List Wish Came True

"An email asking for advice for a lady with a severely disabled daughter resulted in us being contacted by Ski 4 Cancer, who said the charity may be able to help our friend Philly. It all sounded too good to be true. It wasn't! We cannot thank the team at Ski 4 Cancer enough for making Philly's bucket wish come ... Read more >

Biddi Friend

This Time Last Year I Was Stuck In A Hospital Bed

"My time in Meribel this year holds particular significance for me and my family. When on the top of the mountain, looking out on the vista I couldn't help but think that this time last year I was stuck in a hospital bed, suffering badly with the effects of cancer treatment and worrying if I would ever ski again. This ... Read more >

Ceri Patient

Chloe Was Orphaned At The Age Of Eleven

For a young child to have a parent diagnosed with cancer is very hard but to have both parents diagnosed is truly terrible. For young Chloe however, worse was yet to come.  Just two years after her mother died, her father also lost his battle against this cruel disease. She was left orphaned at the age of only 11. Chloe's ... Read more >

Diana Guardian

What You Do Is Amazing

Earlier this year Nicola, a mother of four young children, was given the devastating news that her illness was terminal. Having been referred to 4 Cancer for assistance by Nicola's health care team, we sent her and her family on a Center Parcs break. Commenting on her holiday, Nicola said: "Just to say what you do is amazing. Nothing would ... Read more >

Nicola Mother

A Time To Reflect On Life

When Fran was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was the family's main breadwinner, so they knew it was going to be a tough time financially. Fran's treatment wasn't straight forward either as she had severe side effects, ending up in hospital with viral meningitis, a chest infection and shingles. In addition, she ballooned in size as a result of the ... Read more >

Fran Patient

Beautiful Happy Memories For My Family To Remember

Jenni is a single parent with 3 daughters aged between 3 and 19, and a terminal diagnosis of maybe as little as a few months. She's also now registered disabled as a result of her cancer. Although she has sold her house and planned her funeral, amongst other things to help her girls, and tries to do as much as ... Read more >

Jenni Patient

The Mountains In Summer Are Magical

"In the aftermath of Jason's treatment, it was great to have something nice to look forward to. A week away was the perfect opportunity for us to get back out into the great outdoors and reflect on the journey we had been on and the challenges we had faced. The mountains in summer are such a special and magical place ... Read more >

Kelly Beneficiary