The Holiday Ignited A Spark In Me!

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The Holiday Ignited A Spark In Me!

12th July 2019

“I went skiing this year!!!! It’s amazing how a year can change everything. I can’t say that I was very confident (afraid of falling over, off a lift or a drag, going too fast, other skiers) but at least I tried! Last year I could barely get up and I never thought I would get better but this year I threw my all into it and had a complete ball!

I fell over (a lot). I fell off the drag lift (and forgot to let go!) I skied from mountain restaurant to mountain restaurant and drank copious amounts of hot chocolate. I laughed more than I can remember!!!!

I can only thank you guys really as last year I so wanted to join in but just felt too poorly. This holiday has ignited a spark in me and I am now so determined to have fun and live my life to the full, filled with daring things (that I would never have done before) and laughter!  Life is for living!”

Thank you!