2013 Annual Review

22 December 2013

In 2014, thanks to all our wonderful supporters, 468 people living with cancer enjoyed a respite opportunity with Sail 4 Cancer on a total of 2,078 respite days. Wonderful days away from the realities of living with cancer. Below is a very small sample of the amazing feedback from and photos of the people we have helped this year, showing just what a difference we are making to their lives.

“Cancer hits you like a bolt out of the blue, and when it hits your child, your life starts to fall apart. Days like this enable a family to reflect, be thankful, enjoy, and watch each other learn to smile, a true smile from within, not the public smile we paint on. Thank you so much for my daughter’s smile.” Lisa

“Such an amazing experience. We were so well looked after and laughed till we cried!” Emma

“I think it is so easy to forget the effect a cancer diagnosis has on close family members. This holiday has supported us all.” Sue

“This was a fantastic day! Everyone in the family thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Joe and his sister loved the sailing and want to do more. Joe said it was such a fun day that he even forgot he had cancer! As a mum of a cancer sufferer, I can’t remember when I last enjoyed myself so much. Such a wonderful opportunity that we would never have had if it weren’t for Sail 4 Cancer.” Mum of Joe aged 12

“Our smiles really were a mile wide and we cannot thank Sail 4 Cancer enough for allowing us to have this time that we needed, away from the day to day worries and concerns that have been part of our lives for the last three years.” Louisa

“As a parent who is dying you want to give your child and family as many happy memories as possible. You have a made a huge difference and brought us all closer by giving us this beautiful holiday where we have great photos, memories and mementos.” Debi

“For the individual and their families who are affected by cancer, the fear and torture for hope of a successful outcome puts a massive strain on your life (financial and emotionally) and personal relationships, and to be able to look forward and then to enjoy a fantastic holiday is such an amazing gift and one that will never be forgotten.” Daniel

“What price can you put on a young person throwing their head into the path of a wave just to feel the spray on their face – and to see the happiness and freedom it gives them? The young people had such a wonderful day out on the sea – the laughter, the camaraderie, the sense of achievement when they got the sail up successfully, the visible signs of their self-esteem and confidence growing, and the quiet return journey as everyone basked in the sunshine with their feet dangling overboard, exhausted and perfectly happy. Wonderful!” Gemma Downes, CLIC Sargent

“An amazing experience which has enabled our whole family to view the future in a more positive light.” Anita

“Thank you, Sail 4 Cancer for giving us this precious time with Gaby… Cancer affects all sorts of things apart from the obvious. It can stretch the family finances so breaks like this are not possible; this much needed break was greatly appreciated.” Mum of Gaby age 15

“The happiest day I have had for a long time.” Tim

“You have made me feel young and happy again” Katrina
This year we’d like to help even more families and individuals like these, so we hope you’ll continue to support us! In the meantime all the very best for 2015

2013 Annual Review
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