2015 Annual Review

18 December 2015

In 2015, the 4 Cancer Group offered respite to 539 people living with cancer for a total of 2,286 “respite days” – days when these families and individuals could forget hospitals, treatment, appointments – could forget cancer altogether for a short while and concentrate on quality time instead.

During the year we had brave adventurers who have decided to sail, run, walk, climb, bike and ski to raise funds for us. We feel extremely fortunate to have such loyal and adventure-loving supporters. THANK YOU!
We know that our respite opportunities really do make a huge difference to people’s lives:

“My kids are 6 and 5, they’ve had so much to take in with my diagnosis of incurable cancer. Having an opportunity to spend me with them and make some memories together is just so vital and precious.” Mark

“Cancer hits you like a bolt out of the blue, and when it hits your child, your life starts to fall apart. Days like this enable a family to reflect, be thankful, enjoy, and watch each other learn to smile, a true smile from within, not the public smile we paint on. Thank you so much for my daughter’s smile.” Lisa

“I am 32 and won’t see my children grow up. I don’t want their memories to be of bad times and me being poorly. The 4 Cancer Group has given me and my family some cherished memories that will last forever. I thank you with all my heart. This break really does mean the world to me and my family.” Tamara

We would like to thank ALL our lovely respite partners and our wonderful fundraisers for making this year our best year ever. HOWEVER despite our record breaking year, we still end 2015 with a waiting list of more deserving families desperate for some time away from cancer.

We need YOUR help. You could:

Become a Regular Giver!
Host a fundraising event (we can HELP you with this!)
Tell someone you know about us
Set up a connection – individual or organisation – who might be able to help us
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2015 Annual Review
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