Two of the UK’s leading alpine respite charities, the Caring Cancer Trust and Ski 4 Cancer have commissioned a review of recent medical studies which suggest that people living in alpine environments, i.e. at higher altitudes, have a lower chance of dying from heart disease, certain forms of cancer and tend to live longer than others.

Both charities passionately believe in the therapeutic powers of the alpine environment. To this end, Ski 4 Cancer and the Caring Cancer Trust provide alpine respite holidays for British people living with cancer. Whereas the Caring Cancer Trust’s Alpine Snowkids project focuses on restoring confidence in children who are recovering from cancer, Ski 4 Cancer’s programme focuses on alpine respite breaks for all the family.

Andrew Hayward, Trustee at Ski 4 Cancer explained:

“Sadly, 40% of people in the UK will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. Consequently, it’s extremely important that we understand the impact of environmental factors which could help us to lower incidence over time. This research is particularly important for charities such as Ski 4 Cancer and the Caring Cancer Trust because we both passionately believe in the therapeutic power of the mountains. Now it seems there could be direct health benefits from spending time in alpine environments.”

Ian MacWatt, Chairman of the Caring Cancer Trust concluded:

“Our Alpine Snowkids project, sponsored by VOS Media, helps children to re-ignite their passion for life in a healthy alpine environment. Like Ski 4 Cancer, we’ve seen the hugely positive effects that a relaxing holiday can provide first hand. Given that we both operate in the alpine environment, it’s important that we understand the latest medical evidence and how it might benefit the people we help.”