10,000 Euro Donation To Kinderkrebshilfe

15 March 2018

Ski 4 Cancer has made a 10,000 Euro donation to Kinderkrebshilfe, a cancer centre dedicated to helping children with cancer in the Salzburg region of Austria.

The announcement comes the day before this year’s Everest Challenge which will take part in Saalbach (Austria) on 16 March 2018.

The challenge will be to ski or snowboard the height of Mount Everest (8,800 metres) to raise funds to help families living with the effects of cancer.

Commenting on the announcement, Guy Wimpory of Ski 4 Cancer said:

“Last year in Saalbach we raised some 20,000 Euros from our World Record attempt in partnership with the Saalbach Tourist Board. The challenge was to ski the height of Mount Everest and over 200 people took part and most were either English, German or Austrian.”

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get the World Record as the weather conditions were awful but we did raise a huge amount of money to help families cope with the life changing effects of a cancer diagnosis.”

“We are delighted to make a donation to the Kinderkrebshilfe in Salzburg who perform some truly amazing work in support of local families where a child is ill. We would also like to thank the resort of Saalbach and Skiline for their support in recent years and for making our Everest Challenge events such a success.”

You can find out more about the Kinderkrebshilfe charity in Salzburg by visiting their website at:



10,000 Euro Donation To Kinderkrebshilfe
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